Vibrations Reviews – July 2009 Issue 8

Messina – Split Your Heart With An Arrow (Single)

Packaged in a DVD case rather than the more conventional CD case (crazy or what?!) is a fitting gesture for Wakefield quartet Messina’s new single. It’s a deliberate misdirection. But don’t let the intro fool you, once you get past the delicate first verse, ‘Split Your Heart…’ explodes into an eclectic mix of alternative, prog and rock perfectly balancing soaring melodies and unusual rhythms – reminiscent of Biffy Clyro before they journeyed a bit too far into mainstream. Supporting tracks ‘Answers’ and ‘The Lost Swan’ are more indulgent, showcasing the band’s more funk and proggy nature, but nethertheless enjoyable. Refreshingly different.


The March Greens – You Shall Go To The Ball (EP)

 Disneycore? Ok I’m being a bit silly but there is a clear fairytale theme to this debut effort, or at least opening track ‘Cinders’. Joking aside, this Leeds based pop act have a wonderfully mellow feeling, coming across almost like an afternoon daydream, As the new project of Last Night’s TV frontman Spencer Bayles and violinist Sarah Jones, it is no surprise The March Greens; completed with Ric Neale and Ivan Mack from the Ric Neale Band, offer up a collection of carefully crafted songs; thoughtfully constructed but crucially not over-complicated. ‘You Don’t Need It Or Deserve It’ shines with genuine sincerity as it breezes by, followed up with the equally strong ‘Manhattan’. There are no flashy gimmicks here, just a promising debut that will charm its way onto your stereo again and again.

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