The Killers ‘The World We Live In’

the killers - the world that we live inThere’s something about this, the third release from current offering Day And Age that just doesn’t sit right. It’s not a bad song by any means, still placing The Killers firmly above the rest of the current mainstream indie crop. It’s just all a bit too predictable. Granted, whilst they are not the most revolutionary of bands; with most songs sticking to the standard verse / chorus structure, the innovation and freshness of tracks such as breakthrough ‘Mr Brightside’ and more recently ‘Human’ really set them aside from all the Kaisers, Enemy and such, wannabees.

The problem is ‘The World We Live In’, as pleasant as it may be, just doesn’t go anywhere or bring anything new to the table. Even the video feels unfocused and half- arsed. To it’s credit, as one of the last releases off a generally disappointing album it is likeable, and does sees The Killers channel their 80s synth pop influences even more so than ever. It’s just frustrating to see a band capable of so much more deliver something so remarkably average. Must try harder.

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