M83 @ Leeds Cockpit 08/07/09

M83Support: Maps

No doubt boosted by recent support slots with Kings of Leon and Depeche Mode, whilst tonight’s Cockpit gig is not quite a sell-out, it’s reassuring to see a healthy turnout for this once obscure act. On support duty, Maps delivered a rousing half hour set. They might not be in the same league as the night’s headliners just yet; with their blend of electronica noticeably lacking any memorable hooks, but there’s certainly potential for the future.

Onto the main attraction and whilst playing the first 15 minutes of the set solo and in silhouette may seem pretentious to some, for M83’s Anthony Gonzalez it gets the night off to a perfect start, creating an ambient atmosphere for what was to follow. By the time he’s joined onstage by drummer Loic Maurin and co vocalist / keyboardist Morgan Kibby, opener ‘Graveyard Girl’ slowly built to a near euphoric release. Drawing heavily from 2008’s Saturdays = Youth, including ‘Kim and Jessie’, ‘Skin Of The Night’ and ‘We Own The Sky’, there’s no question that this offering was designed to be audience friendly, with oldie ‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames’ receiving the biggest response; partly due to Maurin’s gloriously emphatic percussion. As ‘Couleurs’ brought the night to a close, Gonzalez and co left the stage triumphant, savouring this newfound attention. A band made to be experienced live.

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