Zed’s Dead -‘Of The Fallen’ EP

Two metalheads from South Yorkshire. Whilst understandably this did not initially grab me as the most inspiring prospect to ever come my way, upon a few listens it’s immediately apparent this four-track offers up something a little different. Not only does it appeal to those with a natural leaning to all things heavy, but in addition delivers something unexpected. Instead of sticking solely to the more traditional thrash and shredding of their past influences, the duo of Jim McGrother and Ari Rannus combine hints of Latin, Americana and Blues guitar. ‘Late Nights Heavy Eyes’ is the prime example, with an upbeat Latin rhythm driving the more gentle melody along. Elsewhere ‘NBL’ and the instrumental ‘Of The Fallen’ both demonstrate the pair’s accomplished musicianship, the former packed with solos of the highest calibre. However, perhaps most surprisingly is that despite being highly technical, the end product is an easy and enjoyable listen; it’s not brash or too extravagant, but instead well balanced and has nothing to prove. A rare achievement in a climate full of bands desperate to show the world just how good they think they are. The Mars Volta of the North? Zed’s Dead may need to work on their afros a bit more for that accolade, but musically, there’s a lot of promise waiting to be found here.


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