Tiny Cinema – Designs

Following on from two previous EP releases; ‘Good Morning / City Blues’ and ‘When The Light Comes’, Leicester born singer songwriter Darren Jilks offers up his first full length to date under the guise of Tiny Cinema.

There’s a surprising maturity to this debut from such a young songwriter that many will feel echoes 2008’s breakout star Bon Iver, certainly drawing comparisons in the album’s superbly sparse production that consequently creates a warm and intimate feel. Lyrically, there are also similarities to be made with Bright Eyes; Jilks is just as articulate as the highly praised Oberst when dealing with such personal subject matter. Tracks such as ‘I Could Have Been Right’, ‘Longer Way Home’, and first single ‘The River’ all have an instant appeal that will draw listeners in, but equally have enough depth to grow with repeated plays. Perhaps the only problem with this clearly talented artist is that the album currently lacks variety – not necessarily a major flaw as Jilks’ sound, which will no doubt become a trademark of his, is certainly enjoyable, even if currently lacking range,

A thoroughly convincing debut, from an artist that clearly has huge potential. With the right help, there’s no doubt Tiny Cinema will go on to much bigger things.



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