Vibrations Reviews – February 2010 Issue 11

Daniel Pearson – Satellites (Album) – Saint In The City Records

As we move into a new year and a new decade it’s comforting to think that some things never change. In the case of this 10-track debut from Daniel Pearson, it’s that good honest songwriting never fails to impress. With a strong Americana alt country vibe: taking heavy influence from the more contemporary Ryan Adams, to the ever-classic Bruce Springsteen, this debut delivers in impressive fashion. Opener ‘Masquerade’ offers more of a slow build, where as the upbeat ‘Just Try It’ wastes little time bursting into the album’s first big chorus – supported with superb gospel backing vocals. Elsewhere, ‘Satellite Town’, ‘Black ‘n’ Blue’ and ‘Long Way Round’ all provide ‘Satellites’ strongest moments; mixing Pearson’s catchy hooks with well crafted verse, and natural production.

Of course Pearson’s commercial leanings won’t be for everyone; there is a danger he will be too poppy for the independent scene, and too independent for the masses. Additionally, Pearson lacks the heart that drove his peers, with ‘Satellites’ not quite delivering the same level of conviction. However, what is certain is that this is a strong debut from a songwriter who clearly has the ability and the potential to warrant the highest of praise. One to watch in 2010.

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