Thrice @ Leeds Cockpit 18/01/10

Support: Telegraphs, We Are The Ocean

Despite making this rare journey to UK shores primarily as support for Brand New’s mega Wembley gig later this week, a flurry of headline dates from Thrice is still something to be celebrated regardless.

After missing openers Telegraphs, the hotly tipped We Are The Ocean followed. Whilst some will  praise their youthful exuberance and blatant nods to their influences as a winning combination, the more cynical will find it hard to see them as nothing more than a British Alexisonfire; mixing howling verses with melodic choruses; albeit less intense and less memorable . Entertaining, but not quite there just yet.

With the news that guitarist Teppei Teranishi would be missing the tour due to the recent passing of his mother, it was hard to know what to expect from Thrice. However, temporarily bolstered with former The Receiving End Of Sirens guitarist Nate Patterson, the quartet rose to the challenge. Delivering a balanced mix of old and new material;  tracks from latest effort ‘ Beggars’ impressing with an added urgency live, and the show’s unfortunate circumstances allowing for rare outings for often overlooked oldies such as ‘The Melting Point Of Wax’ and ‘Stare At The Sun’. A cover of the Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’ also got a spirited, if somewhat odd outing, but it was ever-popular ‘Deadbolt’ and closer, new classic ‘Beggars’ that stole the show. They may have been missing Teppei, and playing a venue much smaller than they’re accustomed to, but in many ways it felt like the Thrice I’d be waiting to see for years; powerful, upbeat and intimate. A superb effort from the regulars, and replacement Nate alike. Leaving with a promise of a summer return with Teppei, 2010 suddenly seems a lot more exciting.

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