Vibrations Reviews – April 2010 Issue 12

Bearfoot Beware – Bearfoot Beware (EP)

I owe Leeds quartet Bearfoot Beware an apology. Upon receiving their latest EP for review I had nothing but the worst expectations. Maybe it was the childlike quality of their press release, maybe it was song titles such as ‘Bernard’s Watch’ and ‘The Age of Stupid’, or maybe that they can’t spell barefoot correctly, but it all just felt a bit too amateurish and immature.

Well, I stand corrected. Sure their contemporary indie sound does borrow heavily from every band to emerge as NME fodder over the last few years, but there’s an unmistakable energy to Barefoot Barefoot that really stands out, particularly in EP highlight ‘This Is The Armada’. Catchy, playful and fun, you’ll feel wrong for liking it, but we’re all allowed a guilty pleasure from time to time. Whether they go on to change the world is far from certain, but you can’t fault their enthusiasm.

Imp / Jeremiah – The Heartfelt EP (Philophobia Music)

What do you get if you cross late 80s American Alt rock, with kitsch male / female vocal interplay. Well, until I think of a witty enough label to forever burden it with, lets stick with ‘The Heartfelt EP’, showcasing both Imp and Jeremiah.

No prizes for guessing that the Wakefield based Imp list Pixies and Dinosaur Jr as influences, but there’s certainly something memorable about their two contributions ‘Party’ and ‘Great Jaguars Triumph’. The former is the more impressive – with a superb building intro, the latter a more straightforward hook led Cribs-esque affair. An unusual combination of Americana and West Yorkshire that, even though it really shouldn’t, somehow works.

Moving onto Jeremiah – think The Moldy Peaches, think She Him and you’re there. Whilst both ‘I’d Rather Be Here’, and ‘I Was Your Knot’, do inevitably become infuriatingly repetitive, like all whirlwind romances, they are good while they last and will charm even the most cynical of hearts – if only for a few spins.

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