Vibrations Reviews – June 2010 Issue 13

Club Smith – The Process (EP)

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Leeds quartet Club Smith of being it’s lazy. A mere few months after the acclaimed ‘The Loss’, they’re back with ‘The Process’. Not bad considering they only formed in 2009.

Of course, any band can quickly throw together an EP providing they have enough funds and half decent (sadly not always an essential) tunes behind them. So what’s the difference here? Each of these four tracks WILL make you foam at the mouth. Opener ‘The Green Room’ is a bass led, Roxy Music esque floor filler, followed by the more driving, but equally rousing ‘Causing Doubt’. Elsewhere ‘Do You Despair’ moves along at a haunting pace, whilst ‘Young Defeatists’ delivers an upbeat resolve with its swelling choruses.

Slick and impressive, you’ll struggle to find a better local EP. My only criticism: they’ve set the bar high ambitiously high for whatever may follow.

Matt Bentley – Entropy (Album)

I’m always slightly sceptical when reviewing an album that comes presented in nicely designed artwork. Not that it doesn’t beat the all too familiar folded scrap of A4 hands down, but there’s the possibility the artist has invested more in style rather than substance.

Thankfully in the case of Matt Bentley’s latest offering, it is instantly clear that as much effort has gone into the all-important substance. Granted his percussive acoustic style is not quite as revolutionary as his press sheet would have you believe, but by the same token, nor is this the work of amateur, hastily throwing ideas around for the sake of it.

Tracks such as opener ‘This Old Town’, ‘Worm’ and title track ‘Entropy’, all standout with pleasant melodies and varied instrumentation accompanying the leading acoustic rhythm. Additionally, the two instrumental tracks are also a refreshing touch, an art form often neglected, showing Bentley’s competence as a musician, and ambition to create something more than just the usual singer / songwriter fodder.

Made with care and consideration, whilst Bentley might not be the kind of act to take Leeds by the storm anytime soon, it’s hard to ignore the quality of craftsmanship on offer here.

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