Exposed Jarema ‘Live’

The Basics:

From legendary offerings such as The Who’s ‘Live At Leeds’ or Johnny Cash’s ‘Live at Folsom Prison’, to the not so classic Busted ‘A Ticket For Everyone’, the live album has become the ultimate benchmark for most bands.

However, putting a live album out before achieving the success that usually justifies it is a bold move by London based quartet Jarema. ‘Live’ is a raw version of 2009 debut ‘There Was A Night Before There Was A Day’, with a few new tracks thrown in for good measure.

The Verdict:

Without the original album to compare with it’s hard to tell if Jarema are indeed better liv than when hiding behind layers of studio wizardry. What is abundantly evident though is that Jarema offer an equally ambitious but yet effectively grounded slice of contemporary rock.

Tracks such as; ‘Winter Song’ and ‘Cross Eyed’ set an early standard, whilst ‘He Tried’ is the most memorable; the band delivering their best Smiths impersonation. Elsewhere ‘I Wanted To Be Alone’ builds to a frantic climax, whilst ‘Half a Prisoner’ and ‘Birth Sex Death’ bring the album to an upbeat end. A brave and worthy effort from a band not afraid to take a risk.

7 out of 10

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