LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip @ Magna Rotherham 13/11/10

It was hard to know what to expect from my journey to Rotherham’s Magna centre on a very cold November night. Not only was this my first trip to the disused steel mill turned venue, but the two acclaimed acts chose to alternate slots on this co-headline tour.

After over an hour wait after doors, it was disappointing to see LCD Soundsystem on first. Not that both bands aren’t worthy of headline billing, just on what could possibly be one of LCD’s last ever shows, it felt like a waste to have James Murphy and co on warm up duty. It wasn’t long before any grumbles were soon forgotten though, with an early run of ‘I Can Change’, ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’ and the enduring ‘All My Friends’ proving simply breathtaking. ‘Yeah’ was a late highlight, with the frontman delivering his emphatic vocal with strong conviction, as the sublime percussion blasted out of Magna’s own impressive soundsystem.

After what can only be described as some shambolic queuing for toilets and bars; Magna could certainly learn a lot from more traditional arena venues when dealing with thousands of people, sadly for Hot Chip, LCD proved too much of a tough act to follow. Not to say the band’s tongue-in-cheek dance pop didn’t receive a warm reception, it just didn’t have quite the same atmosphere as their famed festival outings. ‘One Life Stand’ and ‘Over and Over’ provided me with enough of a fix, opting to leave shortly after the latter. Whilst the evening proved a success for both bands, as I left I couldn’t help but feel in a different venue, and with LCD headlining it could have been so much better.

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