Vibrations Reviews March 2011 Issue 17

Daniel Pearson –  Wishing Well

It would have been very easy for Daniel Pearson to continue down the alt Americana route established by debut ‘Satellites. Instead ‘Wishing Well’ is a bold step forward; notably more electric and urgent, yet will still satisfy those already converted.

With a slightly poppier direction and irresistible hook, this should propel Pearson even further. Elsewhere, the free download of ‘Waves in the Sea’ returns the songwriter to his acoustic and sentimental best.

Watch Waves In The Sea

Monmon – Garage Rock

Labels. Something we writers apparently love. Imagine my delight to find Monmon have helpfully named their debut album ‘Garage Rock.’ Sometimes these reviews really do write themselves.

It’s certainly a bold move. After all, it gives me a vast yardstick of references in which to compare it against. Fortunately for Monmon, whilst this ten track offering might not deliver what you’d initially expect, it conveys a level of authenticity very true to its namesake.

Expecting to be assaulted by a barrage of detuned guitars, relentless drumming and ear bleeding vocals, instead opener ‘Whale’ has a much more patient build, both self-assured yet charismatically laid back. Until just past the three minute thirty mark. When the aforementioned fury is finally unleashed.

The trio of ‘Roofie, ‘Leeds Brig, Sunday Morning’ and ‘Shudder’ follow, all with a much more direct approach; there’s simply no hiding from their big and noisy choruses. It’s only much later on with ‘Knives’ that any fatigue starts to show, the pace slowing before the closing duo of ‘Monkey Fist’ and ‘Ring Out The Bell, Lloyd.

Like all good garage albums, ‘Garage Rock’ is equally ambitious and chaotic. The perfect balance of disciplined songwriting, left beautifully raw around the edges.

Watch Whale

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