Vibrations ‘Second Hearing’ – March 2011 Issue 17

You all know the drill by now. Two listens, summed up in twenty wise words. Pretty much like this intro.


SupaJamma – Madaboutit

Bold mix of rock and reggae. Bit lacking on lyrical content, but forgivable given overall goodtime vibes and mind-melting riffage.

Escort Knights – I Don’t Know Your Name

1/ I Don’t Know Your Name

Slick dance pop production, but feels about ten years too late. Oddly reminiscent of Spiller’s ‘Groovejet’ but far less cool.

2/ Hole In The Heart

Some questionable logic regarding holes in heads and hearts. I’ll stick with neither, thanks. Rather catchy and some great production.

The Finnlys – For Love Nor Money

 1/ For Love Nor Money

Simple and honest Northern songwriting. Slightly stereotypical imagery but done brilliantly. Really effective pacing, building to blistering finish. Highly recommended.

2/ Behind Closed Doors

No, not a Peter Andre cover. Instead something much much better. More upbeat, think Last Shadow Puppets go Spaghetti Western.

Demos / EPs

Big Mister Doom –

1/ Avant

Nowhere near as gloomy as their name suggests. Instead quite hip and ambient electro. Could easily be a videogame soundtrack.

2/ Latinum

More ambience, more electro, until a mid song shift into something much more menacing. Seamlessly executed but a little repetitive.

3/ Seven

Opens with some interesting, if a little obscure, vocal samples. Offers the EP’s most dramatic, tense and thought provoking moments.

Ape District

1/ Abigail

Brash and somewhat short-lived, but direct. Lo-fi approach gives away their punkier roots. Or just a lack of decent equipment.

2/ White Lies

Mediocre in comparison, lacks any bite or venom.  Without that, their lo-fi approach now sounds just too amateurish and messy.

3/ Powder Burn

Bass led and slower paced, but poorly realised. Just ends up dragging on for far too long with unnecessary solos.

Buffalo Bones – Hell to Skeleton

1/ Exploder

Don’t be fooled the title, whilst upbeat in tempo, the chorus doesn’t quite manage to deliver a big anthemic hook.

2/ Silence Is Golden

Totally different and not for the better. More Radio 1 than 6music. Just a bit wet. Should take own advice.

3/ Fix It With Money

Thankfully back to an edgy and slightly sleazy sound.  Vocals sound like a young Mick Jagger at times. Good recovery.

4/ Left Before I Arrived

Thumping drum and guitar led intro, followed with great chorus and perfect big rock finish. Classic rockers will love it.


1/ Weekend

Up-tempo rockabilly knees up. Bit of a novelty at first. Will no doubt become very annoying quickly with repeated plays.

2/ Love On The Dole

The novelty has definitely worn off now. The horns do add some ska flavour. Still screaming out gimmicky to me.

3/ Time Out

Why not throw in a little bit of doo wop for good measure?!  Far too happy and pleased with itself.

4/ Rich Kid

The Northern Soul / Motown part of the tour, with added blue- collar lyrics for extra grit. Fun but silly.

5/ Liar Liar

“Liar liar, your pants are on fire’’ should never be used as a chorus line. No excuses. Scraping the barrel.

Luva Gunk – Revolver

1/ Revolver

Better than expected, given the awful band name and the unbelievably trashy artwork. Packed full of tired genre clichés though.

2/ Tease

Not a bad grubby little number, if you like that kind of thing. Unlikely to change the world anytime soon.

3/ If They Fall (Live)

Pretty much the same as previous. Conclusion a) They’re a decent-ish live band or b) They’re an average recorded band.

Area 39 – Stir of Echoes

No tracklisting so therefore limited review. Not a big prog connoisseur, but seems ok. Nothing new but will please some.

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