Thursday @ Manchester Academy 3 20/04/11

Ahead of two performances at the 20th Anniversary Groezrock Festival in Belgium, Thursday found the time to celebrate their own anniversary; 10 years since the release of their seminal second album ‘Full Collapse’.

The prospect of hearing the album in its entirety was a guarantee draw to those who have followed the band for a number of years; even if the tiny Academy 3 wasn’t quite soldout. Regardless, the intimacy of Academy 3 -a venue the band last graced back when they were first touring the album, promised to offer an occassion to good to miss. The only danger? That such an event wouldn’t live up to such high expectations.

Starting with a run of material from recent offering ‘No Devloucion’ created an inescapable feeling that whilst songs such as ‘Fast To End’, ‘No Answers’ and ‘Past and Future Ruins’ were well received, both band and crowd seem more excited for the inevitable.

Full credit to Thursday, who tore through ‘Full Collapse’ with as much enthusiasm and vigour as when it was first released, despite having performed these songs endless times over the last decade. From the soaring start of ‘Únderstanding In A Car Crash’, to the more cautious build of ‘A Hole In The World’ ,as on record, live, the album offers the perfect balance of highs and lows, and the juxtaposition of loud and soft. Predictability the back to back hits of ‘Çross Out The Eyes’ and ‘Paris In Flame’ were the showstealers – although the closing surge of a supercharged ‘How Long Is The Night’ brought a perfect finale.

Whilst most gigs usually hinge on the unexpected, Thursday, despite delivering exactly what was expected, still continue to impress. Here’s hoping for some ‘War All The Time’ 10 year anniversary shows in 2013.

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