The 30 Day Song Challenge

Here’s the second part of my 30 Day Song Challenge I started a few posts back. Keep ’em: peeled for the third and final part which will appear sometime in the next month.

Part 2 – Day 11 – 20

Day 11 – A song from your favourite band – The Gaslight Anthem ‘Drive’

Althought I don’t really have just ONE favourite band, if I were to pick one from the last few years it would have to be Gaslight (with The National and Brand New narrowly missing out). Since first hearing them back in 2008, I found myself going back to them numerous times. ‘Drive’ is by far my favourite track from their debut ‘Sink Or Swim’ – I’ve always loved it’s raw punk rock energy and killer hook.

Day 12 – A song from a band you hate – Pendulum ‘Propane Nightmares’

This was an easy one. Maybe I’m getting a bit too long in the tooth but I really don’t get Pendulum’s Drum n’Bass meets Rock crossover. The Prodigy have been doing that much much better and for a lot longer. With Pendulum it all sounds too cheap and faddy. I tend favour music that has a timeless quality, and offers something more than just a disposable fix. With Pendulum I  guarantee that in a few years people will have grown tired of it and moved on.

Day 13 – A guilty pleasure – The Thrills ‘Big Sur’

Guilty pleasures are always difficult as I don’t think you should ever feel guilty about something you enjoy listening to. I’ll go forThe Thrills here just as over recent years I’ve moved away from generic Indie / guitar rock, but ‘Big Sur’ is a song I’ve always liked – particularly for the chilled out vibe of it’s namesake captured perfectly by this song.

Day 14 – A song no one would expect you to love – Cee Lo Green ‘Forget You’

Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about Alt / Americana / punk  etc. But I do have a growing appreciation for great pop songs; from the Beach Boys to this contemporary classic, you can’t beat an upbeat tempo and iresistable hook. ‘Forget You’ is arguably the best pop song written in a number of years; with splashes of humour and heartache, masterfully juxtaposed and condensed within a catchy melody.

Day 15 – A song that describes you – Bruce Springsteen ‘No Surrender’

Everything I’ve achieved in my life so far has been through hardwork and giving my all. Having grown up listening to punk, this song perfectly captures that fighting spirit, as well as the raw determination of youth. For all the glorious production on Springsteen’s more famous songs, the simplicity and passion of ‘No Surrender’ blows me away everytime.

Day 16 – A song you used to love but now hate – Manic Street Preachers ‘A Design For Life’

Having listened to the Manics a lot when growing up it’s hard to choose this, the song that introduced me to the band, as a song I now hate. But given that it’s their biggest hit to date and the one song that everyone associates with the Manics, it is frustrating that people make judgements about the band on this one song. In my opinion, the Manics were at their best before Richie Edwards disappeared – when they were more aggressive and political. ‘A Design For Life’ was the comeback single after Richie’s disappearance, and represents a completely different band to the one that I love.

Day 17 – A song you hear often on the radio – Jonathon Jeremiah ‘Heart Of Stone’

When I first did the 30 Day Song challange I picked Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ as I don’t listen to the radio a lot and this is the one song I would hear frequently whilst at the gym. Since then I’ve started listening to Radio 2 a lot more. ‘Heart Of Stone’ is played almost everyday and I really like its old school vibe. An instant classic.

Day 18 – A song you wish you heard on the radio – Neutral Milk Hotel ‘In An Aeroplane Over The Sea’

Neutral Milk Hotel are one of those band I feel never really got the credit they deserve. Sure, they remain one of those cult bands people continue to discover and redicover again and again, but they never got any mainstream recognition. ‘In An Aeroplane…’ is the perfect pop song, short, simple and cheerful. It would certainly brighten up my day if I heard it on the airwaves.

Day 19 – A song from your favourite album – Brand New ‘Limousine’

If there is one album I would choose as my favourite it would have to be Brand New’s ‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me’. Not only is it phenomenal album, that I never tire of, it also reminds of just starting University. Like all good albums, my favourite tracks is always changing but Limousine is one that has always stood out – particularly due to the emotional intensity given the subject matter it is based on.

Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry – Manchester Orchestra ‘Shake It Out’

The beauty of Manchester Orchestra has always been the extreme contrast of their sound. They can switch from moments of overwhleming power to the most delicate of vocals in an instant. ‘Shake It Out’ really captures this, and is the perfect choice for angry song – with a slow building rage, until the inevitable explosion, followed by a calm comedown afterwards.

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