Vibrations Reviews December 2011 Issue 21

Double Muscle – Tommy (Best Enemies Records)

They may describe themselves as “A trio of scuzz punk ramblers” on paper, but on record, behind their schizophrenic riffs and dynamic rhythms, there’s a slick, well oiled machine at work. ‘Tommy’ gets off to a reluctant start, with mid verse cries of ‘I enjoy myself’ recalling Pixies at their very best. Elsewhere ‘Lungs’ and Minutemen cover ‘Cut’ have a more sudden impact. Distinctive and inventive, prepare to have your mind melted. Available at

Hearts And Souls – We Were All Lost

Fresh faced having only formed at the start of 2011, full credit to this Leeds quartet for a flying start. There’s lots of promise in the strong juxtaposition of soaring guitars and Lucinda Livingstone’s delicate vocals. ‘We Were All Lost’ is pleasant enough, taking obvious influence from American pop rock, whilst ‘ Think Of Me’ is a little too indulgent by comparison. A worthy offering from a band still honing their sound. Available at

Great Deeds – Teach Yourself Jazz Punk Volume One EP

Here’s the dilemma; I do like Punk. I DO NOT like Jazz. Interestingly the Great Deeds’ new genre whilst technically excellent, doesn’t quite cut it on both fronts: lacking a driving sense of passion on the punk side, and is far too immature to be considered as authentic jazz. That said, both ‘Numbers’ and ‘Quantum’ are bold efforts, with the band’s jazzier tendencies set loose later on in ‘Chainsaw’ and ‘Walls’.  Let’s be honest, how many people like both jazz and punk? Nice idea, if slightly flawed from the start.

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