meTom, 27, aspiring writer.

I started this blog back in 2009 as a place for my music reviews. interviews and articles. Now in 2012 as my interest have grown I plan on also including a lot more broader reaching content on subjects such as the Premier League (may be a little biased towards Chelsea FC – you have been warned), Gaming,  WWE, Films and life in general.

All of the views expressed in this blog are MY OWN OPINIONS and nothing else. Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for reading

If you want to know more about me, here’s a good place to start:



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  2. Daniel Kenyon says:

    Hi, Tom. Im a student at Huddersfield University and i’m currently in the midst of a professional case study focusing on music journalism. This requires a set of interviews that will help substantiate my hypothesis that digital advances are changing the way that music journalism is cosumed by society and the media. I was wondering if we could arrange an interview in the coming weeks (it would only take half an hour or so) and i feel your experience would greatly enhance my work. I hope you consider and reply to this soon, my email address should be at the bottom of this message. If not here it is


    Daniel Kenyon

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